Three young Latinos show us all that passion within themselves. One of them with his strong hands masturbate each leaving the hard cock, then feel in his ass. Three gay Latinos in a sex scene.

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  • AJNice to know that you’re happily hioophobmc, Jeff! Wow, the amount of sheer vitriol you poured into your reply to me just screams someone who is seriously bitter about his situation in life. Fudgepacking ? Wow, Jeffy someone’s been spending a little too much time at the broken altar of Fred Phelps. I get tested because I CHOOSE to not because I have anything to fear from my activity; certainly not that I’m unsure (I actually read that line to my coworkers; they cracked up). I’d rather spend the money to get tested to maintain my own personal peace of mind that my consistent use of safe sex practices is working. My money, my choice. If I wanted to get an eye exam every month or a dental appointment ever 90 days, guess what? That’s my money, too! If my luck runs out and that’s a mighty big if, given that I practice safe sex then I will deal with the situation as I do many things taking responsibility for it. But since I don’t take insanely stupid risks (apparently something you must have done, hmmm?), I doubt I’m ever going to come up poz. Because again I practice safe sex. (Adjust your glasses if you can’t see that clearly, Jeff.)Sure, I watch gay porn. My choice there. Just because I WATCH it, doesn’t mean I emulate it. I mean, that would be pretty stupid, since it’s fairly obvious that if you have sex in a supermarket or in the backyard by the pool (on the grounds of a mansion/apartment building/desert island that I certainly can’t afford), it’s a FANTASY. Just how deluded do you think other gay men are, Jeff? Clearly quite a bit, based on your hioophobmc diatribe.I’d ask if we were done, but I’m sure you’re not. Go ahead. You know you crave the last word. Shame you won’t get it, eh?