Taking pleasure to extramo with two great friends


Always have a great friend, but if you have the opportunity to have more than one which can count for everything and this includes enjoy sex without no control then great! Let’s say you have everything, right? I have two friends with whom I can count low for those seasons where not so fucking happen to count on them to feel well and they know how to do everything.

Date: April 6, 2015

One thought on “Taking pleasure to extramo with two great friends

  1. *sigh*now really, just re-read the qesituon you asked and think of the logical answerwhat is being gay? its having a same-sex orientated preference, there is nothing else that every gay person will have in common other than that! it wrong that straight people should listen to this genre of music? does this make them gay if they do ? are you so insecure in your own sexuality that you think listening to a certain type of music will make you like the same sex? come off it, grow up a little

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