Sex after attending the gym is best to relax


That evening after the daily routine at the gym, my colleagues and I got ready to go to relax, the idea was very good especially since we put horny everyone, I for my part I felt very hard and saw that my other friends also, then test among all the sex that produces being nude sunbathing, I was penetrated twice and take two cocks and got into the depths of my throat. I found it delightful that make me what I did was spectacular and the best afternoon to happen in my life.

Date: March 23, 2015

One thought on “Sex after attending the gym is best to relax

  1. Ian Davey are there any photos of you and maybe even you and your wtenrlisg buddy in those fine singlets, pics straps up woud be excellent as well. Sorry but that video section caught my um a attention !

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